Who am I?

I’m Michael.

Who are you?

As far as this website is concerned, you are an IP address. I would hope you are a complex human being that cannot be defined by something as restrictive as language.

What’s End of the Game anyway?

End of the Game is an instrumental guitar album by blues guitarist Peter Green. After the huge success of Fleetwood Mac and their constant touring, he grew to despise the music game. Whilst in the depths of an LSD unlocked state of schizophrenia, Green went into the studio and recorded his last album – a tour de force of unrestrained creativity, and all the pain and confusion of a man who was slipping away from reality. The album was released without any public recognition and Green went into recluse for the next thirty or so years.

36 thoughts on “About

  1. You should give self-publishing a go. I use a website called http://www.smashwords.com – you upload the file and they convert it to various digital formats. They then manually check it and get it pushed out to the Apple, Sony, Barnes and Noble, etc. stores if the formatting is good.

    I am making my first few available free that way.


  2. Thank you for the advice, I will definitely check it out. Few questions though, what happens to your work after you self publish it online? Do you still have the rights to publish it later if it receives enough attention? Also is the site mainly used to publish short stories or full length novels? Thanks again


    • You retain all rights to your work – Smashwords are simply a retailer. The manual checks I talked about are purely to make sure that the book is readable in all formats on all ereaders, they aren’t interested in the content as such and won’t help with spelling mistakes, etc.

      People use it to publish short stories, collections of short stories, non-fiction about whatever subject they are interested in, or complete full-length novels.


  3. I’m relieved to know you retain all the rights to your work, for some reason I thought you wouldn’t be able to publish your work with a different publisher further down the road. Are there any costs involved? What was the process like for you? Are you planning on making money out of your self published stories or are you going to keep them free? By the way, I read your short story ‘Shelter From Thunder’ and I really liked it. I particularly enjoyed the final scene, I thought it was clever how you created the contrast between the innocence of childhood and the bleak adulthood of war. However; I think the story would have been better if you made the reader sympathise with the child more, and maybe not have his friend die so close to the finale. But anyway, keep up the writing and good luck with your future projects if you have any.


    • There are no costs at all for putting your stuff up on Smashwords but any sales you make through them they will take a small percentage (can’t remember how much it is). The process is very easy but there are some formatting ‘rules’ that you need to be aware of when uploading the story. There is a guide that tells you how to setup Word so that the conversion process from .doc to all the other formats goes smoothly. I took me about an hour to go through the first time but after you have done it once, the settings are saved so you don’t have to worry about it again.

      Glad you liked my story and thanks for the feedback. I have another one that I am going to be publishing in about a week or so, again for free. I am planning on releasing future stories for a small fee in the future but will release them as a collection rather than individual stories.


  4. I’m never shy.

    Hey there Micheal. Thanks for the confirmation on the post vs page email notifications.
    I’ll be posting a series of something positively evil next month. Each post will build on the other.
    So I thought of just making a page with an index and then have links to the posts on that page. That way people can read my stuff in order.

    So does everything in this “About” page of yours still hold true? Sometimes people forget to update their stuff – that’s why I’m asking. You’re getting psych degree… cool. Psychology is a very interesting subject. I think the only book I’ve read related to some type of psychology (neuropsychology specifically) was “The Man Who Mistook His Wife For A Hat”.

    By the way, nice blog you have here.


    • Hey there.. you. No problem! Yeah I do that with a lot of my pages, it’s a good way of organising stuff.

      Yep, everything on this page is the truth. I’m a second year psychology student and I’m 21; technically I should’ve finished already but I slacked off big time first year and dropped out, took a year off then changed uni. Psychology is very very interesting, by studying it you find out a lot about yourself, and how we share more in common with others than we tend to think.

      I’ve heard about that book, but I never read it. I read a book that seems similar called Mummy at the Dining Room Table – it’s basically a collection of psychologist’s first person accounts with their craziest patients, and how they ‘cured’ them. For example, one patient in the book had a relationship with a cow..

      If you’re interested in psychology I suggest you read some of Carl Jung’s books, he was one of the big dogs in the psychoanalytic world, and psychoanalysis is the most interesting aspect of psychology in my opinion.

      Thanks for stopping by, your blog’s cool too!


      • You can call me Bitter, Bitte (It’s a German word and No I’m not German), or Bittersweet. Do not call me BB. It makes me think of the gun. I’ve heard of Carl Jung, but never read any of his books. Cool, well good luck on finishing your degree Micheal.


    • No need to thank me! I don’t usually comment on something unless it is well written and thought provoking, so you might as well thank yourself! But for the record, I enjoyed your responses very much too.


  5. Hey man,

    Great site you have here. I’m trying to learn guitar, so I really appreciate the lessons! Also love the overall content of your site. Keep it up man!

    Regards from Malaysia :D

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  6. End of the game > Peter Green album :) > very much enjoyed your site, i have very similar interests, music/spirituality etc…will come back and check on it now and again ,


  7. Hello Michael
    Very nice work you been doing about shrooms information and I certainly appreciate to know that “we are not the only ones”, I do live in mexico city and I been picking my own shrooms since 1970 psilocybe aztecorum and cubencis and mexicana and i been sharing what i know about them with lots of brothers and sisters that I encounter in my hollogram, thanks a lot man and SMILE WIDE.
    I don’t have a website but I hope to get one soon.


    • Hey mate, we certainly aren’t the only ones! Good to hear you share the same philosophy as me on the subject of mushroom picking. As they say, sharing is caring, and what is more important than sharing something profound rather than keeping it to yourself! Knowledge is power! If you ever get a site let me know, peace!


  8. This site’s bebop major scale has a chromatic passing tone between the 5th and 6th notes, #5 ~ b6, whereas at the other site, the additional chromatic tone is a #4th. This completely alters the shape of the scale.


  9. Hey – keep studying! Your comments about schizophrenia in your cat/artist post do a disservice to those who have this illness. Really gives the wrong idea, adds to the misinformation and stigma out there that causes those to have it feel shame and can prevent individuals from seeking the help they need to LIVE FUNCTIONAL LIVES.


  10. just searching for moods of the seven modes of major scale, and it appeared on the google list , quite top.

    already read, and find quite useful.

    this blog seems quite special, and multi dimensional, with different aspect of topics. I may spend some more time on the articles abt music playing, for I’m just an intermediate learner, and i find your explanations fit.

    Thanks for your sharing, INFP caramellokoala, I’m ENTP Pal. :)


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