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  • We Are All One Family: Religion and its Role in Society

    We Are All One Family: Religion and its Role in Society

    “The ocean of suffering is immense, but if you turn around, you can see land” – Thich Nhat Hanh There are something like eighteen billion cells in the brain alone. There are no two brains alike; there are no two hands alike; there are no two human beings alike. You can take your guidance and…

  • Vipassana Meditation in Prisons

    Vipassana Meditation in Prisons

    This Week’s reading is an excerpt from Michel Foucault’s book Discipline and Punish which explores the prison system and how it was born out of the security imposed upon the ‘plague-stricken town’ of the seventeenth century (Foucault, 1997, p.205). Foucault also introduces the reader to Bentham’s design of the Panopticon – a cylindrical wall of…

  • Examining the Virtual Sphere

    Examining the Virtual Sphere

    This week’s reading titled ‘The virtual sphere’ explores the concept of democracy and whether or not it exists or will exist in the internet equivalent of the offline public sphere. Papacharissi (2002, p. 11) paraphrases Habermas (1962/1989) who romanticises the public sphere in the 17th and 18th century as ‘the domain of our social life…