Aliens, Death Threats and a Free Flight to Brazil

“I am willing to pay your way to face me, not because you believe in aliens, but because you’re an obnoxious asshole that needs to be shown your actions have consequences. In this case it is pain, mutilation and a lifetime of regret.”

James Smith

In 2011, I uploaded a post about crop circles. While I don’t necessarily believe crop circles are made by extra-terrestrials, I did think that the one in the video was particularly amazing, and figured it’d be a decent way to start up a discussion on aliens. Because, let’s face it, who doesn’t enjoy discussing life outside our planet? I didn’t receive any comments until a year later, when a user by the alias of ‘slrman‘ called me stupid for believing in aliens. A harmless debate ensued, where he persisted in calling me names in a lame attempt to get me to ‘prove’ that aliens existed, which I admitted I could not. An average night out on the internet, right?

Eventually ‘slrman’ – a 70-year-old man called James Smith – became so infuriated with me that he offered to pay my way to João Pessoa, Brazil (where he lives) so that I could meet him face to face and tell him that I believe in aliens, oh, and so he could beat the shit out of me for holding that belief. With nothing better to do, I decided to humour him. I wanted to find out if his intentions on buying me a plane ticket to Brazil were genuine, and besides, I figured I could use a holiday.


After he offered to pay my way to Brazil, so he could beat me up in person, I took the bait and told him to book the tickets. He said he’d email me the details on getting the free ticket, and also told me that I’d “have plenty of time to contemplate [my] errors while in the emergency room.” I didn’t realise yet how deep this man’s hatred went, and over the next few days, I went down the rabbit hole with him, to a dark and twisted place that can only exist on the internet.

If I learnt anything at all from this, it’s that people like James Smith exist, and I’m not sure how I feel about that. Below is the email exchange that took place.

JAMES SMITH 10/09/12 – 9:47pm
Done deal. Provide the necessary details for me to book an electronic ticket. I’l need your real name, address, phone number, and passport number. If you’ve ever traveled internationally, you will know those are the standard minimum things required. You may also need a Brazilian Visa. It depends upon where you are from and the nationality of your passport. That’s one thing you’ll have to do for yourself.

Be aware that I have done this before and the ticket will be one you cannot cash in or exchange for another trip. Furthermore, I purchase insurance on the ticket from a local company here. If you do not show up at the final destination (João Pessoa, Brazil) I am reimbursed for the ticket price. Insurance companies are not in business to pay claims but to collect premiums. If they have to pay me, they will come to you to cover their losses. That’s the way insurance works.

Of the many times I have made this offer, only two people have accepted. One didn’t show up, the other wishes he had not. You will be no different. I seriously doubt, now that you know that you can’t steal the money or use the ticket for Bali or someplace else, you’ll find an excuse to back out. As I said you are an intellectual, ethical and physical coward.

Your bluff is called.

ME 11/09/12 – 12:46am
Done. You have to pay for my return ticket as well, I’m not giving you my details until you agree to that. I’m not flying to Brazil and paying my own way back to meet some miserable old man.


JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 12:52am
You obviously have never traveled anywhere. In today’s world, round-trip tickets are actually cheaper than one-way. You won’t have to worry about a return ticket anyway. If you live, the deportation process will arrange for your return.

This “miserable old man” is going to beat you so badly that you’ll never walk, talk, look, or think the same again. You can take that to the bank, you little asshole.


ME 11/09/12 – 12:53am
So what’s your plan, you’re going to meet me at the airport and kill me?

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 1:02am
I will meet you at the airport and you can even have the first hit. Then I will break you like a toothpick. When are you going to send the information I need to book your flight? You’re a goddamned liar and a coward so I know you’ll find excuses to back off like you always do.

ME 11/09/12 – 1:42am
Michael Cunningham – 49 xxxxxx Rd, xxxxxx, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, Planet Earth, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster, Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex, the observable universe. My passport number is E402xxx7. My phone number is 0438xxx426, don’t be calling me up for phone sex you pervert.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 2:14am
Done deal, asshole. I will not kill you. But you will wish that I had and wish it every day for the rest of your life.

Why would I want phone sex with a disgusting piece of shit like you? If you are gay, I don’t care. I am an equal opportunity bone breaker. All I want is to break your face and other bones.

ME 11/09/12 – 2:35am
I have uni and a job that I will have to work this holiday around, so you will have to book my flight at a date that conveniences me. The 14th to the 23rd of September works. Don’t have a heart attack before then.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 2:41am
You are already starting to make excuses. Name a date, you puking punk. Inconveniences you? Then having a broken body won’t be a problem? Being in jail here until you can pay your fines before being deported won’t be a problem? Good. This willl be fun, you ignorant asshole.

ME 11/09/12 – 2:43am
I already told you: the 14th to the 23rd of September. You can book a ticket on any of those days. Learn how to read, because clearly you are illiterate and don’t know basic comprehension.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 3:36am
You stupid shithead. Name a date does not mean a range of dates, it means a date. Every time I think I have seen the depth of your stupidity, you show me I was wrong, that you can be a lot more stupid than that. You will never show up anyway, we both know that. If you do, it will be the most fun I have all month.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 4:08am
I already have your reservation. But like the dumb ass you are, you left off your postal code while you were listing planet earth, etc. I haven’t seen anyone over 11 do that, ever. But that’s about your level mentally isn’t it? Here’s your flight. Supply your postal code and break up your phone number into area code and the actual number. No, I’m not surprised you didn’t know to do that. Clearly, you’ve never flown anywhere before on your own, have you? I remind you again, when you approve this and I click “Pay” you are committed. You don’t show up and the insurance company will come to you for the entire cost of the ticket. You also neglected to mention a Brazilian Visa. Maybe you’re leaving yourself some loopholes? There are also baggage fees involved. My advice is to only bring a carry-on. You won’t need much in the hospital or jail.

Now don’t use the excuse that I have not been fair with you and disclosed everything. So put up or slink back to your sewer. I also noticed you have done nothing to verify any of your information is true. But the airlines and insurance company will take care of that.

ME 11/09/12 – 4:39am
Hey again, you got the dates wrong. I said I am only free on the 14th to the 23rd of September. You have reserved a return flight for the 26th of September. I have uni on the 24th and so the responsibility is on you to book an appropriate flight. Thanks. Post code is 314x.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 4:56am
Done deal asshole. I’ll change the return to the 23rd. Although your chances of even being out of the jail by then are about zero. Your trip to Brazil will be the worst experience of your life. Not only will you never walk, talk, look, or think the same again, you’ll have a criminal record and a huge fine to par. The last guy was fined R$15,000. Of which I received R$5,000 for being the victim. That neatly covered my expenses.

This will be losts of fun for me if you are actually stupid enough to show up. Which I doubt. You’re simply not that brave. You are that stupid, but that only carries you so far.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 5:33am
Here you are dipshit: Come and get your beating, this will be a fine day for me. Not so good for you – if you survive. Foreign prisoners often do not do well in Brazilian jails. Do you want to find a lawyer now or take your chances here? I had to find a completely different booking to accommodate your pitiful schedule. Note you’ll be arriving early in the morning so I can’t say how long it will take for you to receive medical attention. The policia are not too concerned about finding that in the middle of the night..

ME 11/09/12 – 12:42pm
Where’s my e-ticket? You need a ticket to hand it at the airport service counter.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 8:08pm
Wrong, you asshole. You pick it up at the counter. Now stop making excuses and show up so I can break your neck between C4 and C5. That will render you a paraplegic. After I finish mutilating your face, no one will even be able to stand looking at you.

Never flown overseas? You mean “internationally.” How do you think I got here and make frequent trips between here, North America, and Europe? You never fail to amaze me with your stupidity.

You still have not proven really who you are. Your postcard bullshit shows again how ignorant you are. You see all my proofs of ID on my Photobucket page? That should give even someone as determinedly dumb as you a clue.

ME 11/09/12 – 8:58pm
Well how about at least telling me what airline I’m flying with so I can call them up and make sure you’ve actually booked a ticket and haven’t just made a fake itinerary. Also, I don’t know how in this little fantasy world you live in you’ve decided I’m going to get fined and land in prison. In case your dementia riddled brain has forgotten, I haven’t once said I plan on even laying a finger on you. I’m not a delinquent like you and you can fight me if you like, but it will be your ass in hot water if you do. I’m simply coming for a free holiday. I’ll say to your face that I believe in aliens too, but that’s all you can expect from me. You’re the one mouthing off about how you’ll break me like a toothpick, I haven’t once said anything remotely similar to you.

JAMES SMITH 11/09/12 – 9:25pm
You really are a stupid SOB. The airlines are on the picture. But you can’t see that can you?

How do I know you will be arrested and jailed? You are really a dumb fuckhead. I know because that’s what happened the last time. I told you about that but, as always, you can only comprehend what you want to.

No, my ass will not be in hot water. You forget that this is Brazil and I work with the police here. Or have you ignored that as you do anything else that doesn’t support your delusions? Come on and I promise you, you will go directly from the airport in a police car. If you’re lucky, they will take you to an emergency room before they book you.

No, you have not said you would break me like a toothpick because you know you stand no chance of that. In the end, what happens to me will not matter. You’ll still be a broken, beaten, paralyzed asshole unable to survive without 24/7 care. The worst that will happen to me is a fine. I cannot be deported, and am unlikely to even spend a night in custody,

Wold you rather I came there and beat your cowardly ass in Australia? I can do that. But you’ll have to actually prove who and where you are. You did conveniently ignore that comment, as I expected. You always ignore anything that you cannot or do not want to answer. That’s more proof of your mental and moral cowardice.

Your address appears to be an institution, not a residence of any kind. Are you actually in a “home” for the hopelessly insane?

ME 11/09/12 – 10:17pm
What are you talking about, there are NO airlines on the ‘picture’ you’ve sent me, only names of the airports. You really are senile. There is zero proof that it’s a real itinerary either. I have never once said I intend on fighting you, you are the one with that crazy agenda on your mind. Seeing as how I don’t plan to touch your old frail self, I don’t see how I can get fined or put in prison for getting beat up by you. How backwards is your logic? Also, why would I want you to come to Australia to beat me up? I simply want a free trip to Brazil, like you promised, on the basis that I tell you to your face my ‘beliefs and opinions’ and to prove that I’m not a cowardly keyboard warrior like you are. The deal is I come to Brazil, end of story. You pay the way, and what you do when I get there is totally up to you. My address is not an institution, it’s a house. What is wrong with you? The fact that you are willing to pay my way to meet you just because I believe in aliens, and am ‘ignorant’ to your psychotic thinking is outright ridiculous. I don’t have to prove my identity to you, you know my name, my address, my passport number and my phone number. All of the things you have asked of me I have provided. Have you booked the ticket or not? You are wasting my time.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 12:21am
Oops, for once, you are right. It is flight numbers. It’s emirates Airlines to start.

“My frail old self?” You young idiot, I am far tougher right now that you will ever be in your pathetic life. You are also unable to comprehend that I have done this before and that I am well connected with the police and courts here. I could kill you slowly and painfully and it will still be ruled self-defense.

I have never been to Australia and it would be a nice trip for me. The added pleasure of smashing your face and breaking your bones would only be a plus for me.

You won’t have a chance to say anything, either way. When you see me, the next thing you’ll see in whatever is over you. That’s after you shake the blood from your eyes. I intend to hurt you so badly that you’ll be in pain for weeks, if not years.

I am willing to pay your way to face me, not because you believe in aliens but because you’re an obnoxious asshole that needs to be shown your actions have consequences. In this case it is pain, mutilation and a lifetime of regret.

Again, you ignore requests to prove anything. Prove who and where you are. I want to face you on your own ground, destroy your face and cripple you forever, then enjoy my time in Australia, if that’s where you really are. You probably don’t realize that you have never proven a single thing you have ever said while I have proven everything I have said.

Proof and facts are so far beyond your pitiful intellect that you would recognize a fact if it were brunching on your buttocks.

I will call you asshole. That better be your number.

Learn to use paragraphs. Someone that claims to “be in uni” (another unproven boast) should at least know how to do that.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 12:34am
Just as I thought. That is not a good phone number, you lying sack of shit. Mine is 55 083 8721 2630 55 being the country code. Call me if you dare, you pathetic punk.

Prove who and where you are and stop ignoring that request. I know you’re afraid, but try to man up for five minutes. When you don’t show here, I’ll come there and ruin your life forever. You simple dip shit.

ME 12/09/12 – 12:40am
Wow, you really are all talk! You now want to call me, so you can TALK SOME MORE!? Wow. What a hero you are. How is that not a good number!? What are you on about?? That is my phone number. Why are you giving me yours? I am sick to shit of talking to you. Now you’re trying to change the whole agreement so you can come to Australia. You’re full of shit, and are just trying to delay the inevitable of booking these tickets to Brazil. Probably because you’re poor as shit, but most likely because you’re a liar and a coward. Come to Australia, I don’t care.

ME 12/09/12 – 12:44am
Here you go, just to humour you – a print screen of my uni blackboard which shows my name in the top right corner (proof of my real name) and the units I am currently enrolled in. I am studying psychology.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 12:58am
Nope, no print screen, not that it would really be proof anyway. That sort of thing is easy to fake. Take another look at my Photobucket page and try to comprehend what real proof is. I’m sure you conveniently “forgot” to attach it.

Again, you make a lot of claims with no proof. Additionally, you again ignore any direct question asked of you. My proof of intelligence is that I have handed you your intellectual ass every time. Not that it’s so difficult that I should brag about it. I’m smarter than my dogs, too.

Yes, you are ignorant, a liar, and a fool. Prove something. Who you are, where you are, your real phone number, etc. Do you really think I would not check out those things? Perhaps you are so stupid you would not, but do not project your failings upon me. You have learned about projection haven’t you.

You’re a goddamned liar and a coward. Prove who and where you are, you pitiful punk. I’ll come and beat you into a bloody bag of broken bones. Think I won’t or can’t? Stop hiding and try me, you lying punk.

ME 12/09/12 – 1:05am
I did attach it. I will even attach it again you weed. Yeah, easy to fake, just like your itinerary. Again you are refusing to acknowledge the issue of the ticket you are meant to book me to Brazil. Obviously no one has ever actually come to Brazil on your behalf and this is just some big bluff. You’re all talk, otherwise you would shut up, book the ticket, and wait to see me in person. But noo, you’d much prefer to go round in big circles on the internet. Because that’s what your life has been reduced to. You would rather describe to me how you would beat me up rather than actually do it. You want to come to Australia? I’m not stopping you; you know my address. I don’t have to prove my address to you, because like you said ‘the airlines and the insurance will take care of that’. Everything is in order, so stop stressing your little brain about it. Prove to me you’ve booked my ticket and I will speak to you in Brazil. Until you prove to me you have bought my ticket I am done talking to you and will forever remember James Smith as an old coward who loves to run his mouth.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 1:07am
I tried to call you to determine if you gave me a real phone number. You did not.

You’re print screen doesn’t prove anything. The “My Places” window blocks most of the screen, faking the name on a screen shot is easy. You can even do it in Preview, no Photshop is needed.

You’ll have to do better than that. But you won’t because you’re terrified that I will appear in front of you and that will be the end of your career as anything other than a vegetable. Speaking of those, I have tomatoes smarter than you.

The only thing I am afraid of is that someone else will break your skull before I get my chance. With your attitude, I expect that to happen any minute. It’s true that it would improve the average IQ and ethical levels of humanity by taking you out of the gene pool, but I want that to be my privilege, not someone else’s.

ME 12/09/12 – 1:16am
Yep, just as I thought, another email of pure bullshit. You’re like a dog chasing its tail. Why would I go to such an extreme effort to fake the fact that I go to uni? Clearly you are the one projecting (yes I know all about it) onto me – projecting your worthless ability to waste time and go to extreme lengths to create a web of lies, which makes you, in your deluded state of mind, appear to be a tough man. From my point of view you are just sad and lonely. This is my last email to you until you prove you have booked the ticket. Once you show proof, I will meet you in person. Enough talk. I will call up Emirates before your fake itinerary has said for me to fly and see if it has really been booked. If it has I will see you there. If it hasn’t I will block your email from ever sending me your waste of time nonsense and also block you from ever sharing your useless opinion on my website.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 3:38am
It didn’t appear here, you ignorant SOB. That’s why I said you didn’t attach it. But I looks like it cold be easily faked. You really don’t understand the concept of proof, do you? That’s why you believe in aliens.

Prove who and where you are, you dumb ass. Without a genuine ID, You cannot board the flight, and I cannot collect the insurance when you don’t show up.

I would prefer to kill you. But that would be too easy for you. Even though it would give me much satisfaction to remove you from the human race, it would be better for my long-term satisfaction to see you a mutilated and maimed cripple requiring constant care forever.

I do not know your address. I know what you claimed was your address, but you haven’t proven it as you have yet to prove anything. Yes, I would like to beat you into a bloody bag of broken bones on your home ground. Then I could enjoy the rest of my trip knowing I had done a worthwhile service to humanity.

You are not done talking to me, you lying bastard. You’re still bombarding me with emails and not one will have a shred of proof of anything now will you answer any question I have asked. That’s proof from your own hand that you are a coward, mentally, morally, and personally.

If I am an old coward, why am I not the one hiding and refusing to prove anything. Nor did I give you a fake phone number as you have. You have also been afraid to call me because it would prove I am the one telling the truth and you are just a piss-ant punk afraid of finding out that I am everything I say while you are an ignorant child that still can’t learn to use paragraphs. That’s another thing that indicates you are a student inn a University. Or is the entrance requirements where you go so low that even someone as mentally deficient as you can get in?

Answer a question, stop hiding and evading. Prove who and where you are. I’ll take care of everything else.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 3:50am
Among other things, you haven’t learned how to delete all the old parts when you answer an email. But why should I expect that? You haven’t shown you even know enough to use paragraphs. You wallow in your ignorance like a pig in shit.

All you have to do is prove your identity and I will re-instate the ticket or book one for myself. But you’re a cowardly little cockroach that’s afraid to do that.

I am a lot tougher than you will ever be. Mentally, I do not ignore anything I don’t want to see or cannot answer. That alone puts me far ahead of anything you’ll ever be.

“Your last email?” LMAO! How many times have you said that now? YOu lied every time before and you’re lying now. YOu are hoping this will be a way out of having to prove anything and then you can strut around like a pigeon, pretending to yourself you have “won.”

“Block my email?” Yes you might think that will work, but I assure you, it will not. Only an asshole as stupid as you are would think that will work. you hope it will because first, it’s the coward’s way out. Then it would relieve you of ever having to prove anything as I have. That won’t protect you from me, either, but clearly, you’re to smug in your ignorance to know that.

Here’s your advice for the day. When you face me, you’ll be making two mistakes at once. The worst of your life and the last of your life. People on life support don’t make mistakes, do they?

Learn about paragraphs, you stupid shithead.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 3:54am
You have plenty of time to keep sending your evasive, lying emails. Maybe you’re afraid that the videos will force you to recognize that you are in far over your head? Maybe you’d see that I am exactly what I say I am? Maybe you’d shit your pants? You’re a waste of resources that could be used to nurture someone intelligent and brave enough mentally and ethically to be worthwhile as a human being.

Prove who and where you are, dipshit. I want to break your bones and rupture a few internal organs.

ME 12/09/12 – 4:02am
I have just checked my phone; no missed calls. You are full of shit. Either that, or you don’t know how to use a phone – I wouldn’t be surprised. I am done reading your deluded emails. I just wanted a free trip to Brazil but all you’ve given me is a headache. I’ve given you the details you’ve asked for. Anything I send you as ‘proof’ of these details you will simply dismiss just as you have done with my proof of going to uni (how petty is that…) I am not going to waste my time. You can book the flight if you want to see me, you have the details. Like you mentioned in an earlier email, and I quote: “I also noticed you have done nothing to verify any of your information is true. But the airlines and insurance company will take care of that.” Were you talking shit when you said that? You are bluffing so bad it’s not even funny. I’d love to see you follow through with this but the reality of the situation is you’re just an old man who loves to talk smack.

I am sick of hearing from you. I will call up Emirates Airline in a couple of days to see if you have booked the ticket and if you have, the next thing you hear from me will be in person. You know you could easily look up my ip address and find your own proof of my location. You say you work for the police but you don’t show a lot of initiative. Maybe you just send threatening emails to crooks for the police? You are good at sending emails, I’ll give you that.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 5:33am
So much for not “bothering with me again” As I expected, you lied again.

You stupid fool. The message I get is that it is not a valid number. Of course there were no missed calls, it refused to connect.

You have not proven anything. You ignore every request to do so. I don’t have to wonder very much as to why that is. YOu lied and you are now afraid to tell the truth.

What makes you think I will not use my contacts to locate you. FYI, dummy, your IP address does not give me your location but the location of your provider. But I do have other resources and I don;t have to impose upon my police contacts for them. YOu did notice the video of me on a police operation and the certificates for me from the policia? I even posted an official English translation for those that cannot read Portuguese. That’s called providing solid proof. Take a lesson you shit-for-brains coward.

I have not made threats, I have made promises. I’ll find you even if you remain a cowardly little turd. When I do, your new name will be “Dead man walking” except a paraplegic doesn’t do much walking.

Good for you, you’ve finally figured out what a paragraph is. That’s better than I expected. Now if you could just learn what proof is and how to have the courage to provide it and face me. But that’s likely far too much to expect from a craven little worm like you.

Yes, the airlines and the insurance company would have notified me that your address was fake. But I forgot that it would be too late then for me to get a refund. I’ll use the 3K+ for my own ticket to whatever sewer you really live in. You will rot after I break your neck.

ME 12/09/12 – 2:31pm
Learn how to use a phone. You have to use the area code +61 and then omit the 0. You’re right, I said I wouldn’t bother you again and I meant it. This is officially my last email to you. I didn’t watch any of your videos because I don’t want to see videos of you doing pushups or wanking your dick. I don’t need to see any of your ‘proof’ cos I don’t give two shits about your life. We’ve established you’re too much of a coward to stand behind your claim to send me to Brazil. So I’ll have to wait and see if you will have the balls to come to Australia and find me. Your move. I call your bluff because it’s blatantly obvious and pathetic. Enjoy the rest of your miserable life, I’ve blocked you from my blog, and I’m blocking your email from poisoning my inbox. You’ll have to find some other way to contact me, and I’m sure you will, because clearly you have zero social contact outside the internet.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 8:15pm
That’s exactly how I did dial. You’re a liar and an idiot. You have said now three or four times you weren’t going to email me again and you lied every time.

Of course you won’t watch the videos, you’re terrified of the truth, as liars always are. You’re also afraid of proof because you are also afraid of providing any of your own and you’re even more afraid of learning that I am exactly who and what I say I am. Being a cowardly liar, seeing someone else tell the truth is painful to you.

That does it, mother fucker, I will hunt you down and then I will kill your punk ass. Slowly, bloodily, and painfully. You’ll be begging me to finish you but I will make it last as long as possible, I am going to be the last thing you ever see, asshole.

I am coming, you are dying, shit for brains.

You think you have cowardly blocked me, but you are too fucking stupid to do that. Hide, little boy, run, chickenshit. I’ll do as I please and killing you is what will please me. Your juvenile insults are exactly what I expect from someone with the limited mental capacity of a doorknob.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 8:56pm
“zero social contact outside the internet?” Why is it that all of you morons stoop to the same insult? I know you’re abysmally ignorant, but is that truly the only thing you can think of? If you were not so cowardly that you are terrified to look at the things I put on Photobucket, you’d see I have plenty to do and more real contact with real people than you likely know.

It won’t matter to you for long, in any case. I’ll hunt you down, surprise you some day and your pathetic existence will be over. I’ll be doing you a big favor, you will no longer have to face each day knowing you’re a coward and a disgrace to humanity.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 – 9:22pm
This was easy. Your task to fake this would be even easier because you know I’d have no idea what it was supposed to look like. It took me almost 5 minutes, even including adding my picture. That’s how easy it it to show what an idiot you are.

Study that picture, mighty moron, it’s the last face you’ll ever see.

ME 12/09/12 – 10:19pm
Wow that’s really sad that you went to the effort to do that. Shows how little you have to do with your time… one of the consequences of being 70 years old I guess. It took you 5 minutes apparently (zero evidence to prove that) just to put your picture and edit your name in (which you did a crummy job of btw, have a look at the light grey smudges on either side of your name), and yet it only took me 5 seconds to take a print screen. So sad. How do you think I would’ve ‘faked’ everything else on that picture, huh?

You are no doubt going to reply with some bull like ‘you said you blocked me, you are a liar yadda yadda’ So predictable. You will then blow some air about how you will kill me. Etc etc.

I did say I blocked you, that was a bluff – I figured seeing as you’re the bluff master, you would appreciate that one. I am just going to ignore you instead, It humours me to see you fill my inbox with more and more empty words.

Ding, I got an email – ouch, that hurt!

Attached is a photocopy of my passport. You now know my name, my address, my phone number, my passport number and the university I go to. You have more than enough information you need to come find me, or give me a ticket to Brazil.

JAMES SMITH 12/09/12 –11:14pm
Effort? Again, your comprehension deficit is at work. Did you see where I said it didn’t take over five minutes? Probably not, that wouldn’t agree with your delusions.

You also have been unable to figure out that I am not yet 70. But facts aren’t really important to you are they?

Yes, I think you are a goddamned liar and a coward. You lied yet again about “this is the last email from me.” You don;t even have the courage to stick to your own statements. That’s no surprise to me, either.

You’re going to ignore me? LMAO! You don;t have the will power for that, either. You’re a pitiful little coward and can’t help yourself.

No, I do not know your address, know you stated something without proof. I also know that repeated attempts to call your “phone number” have always resulted in “no such number” messages.

I can find you eventually without misusing my police contacts. In any case, I will not be leaving a trail that can prove I have ever been in wherever you are. You didn’t seriously think I would travel under my own name?

I will find you, I will come, I will kill you, you stupid piece of shit. It has nothing to do with your delusions about aliens, but about you being an obnoxious asshole that is a waste of resources better expended upon a decent human being.

You place far to much faith in your supposed “intelligence.” How smart is it to believe in aliens when there is no evidence for it and much evidence against it?

You are a cowardly liar and are afraid to look at my proofs because it’s an example of what you’re afraid to do.

Killing you might just earn me a “Service to Mankind” award. With a single act, I will have raised the average mental and ethical levels of humans.

Keep hiding and lying, keep breaking your word. You have no credibility anyway, so you have nothing to lose.

ME 13/09/12 – 12:36am
On 12/09/12 11:14 PM, Jim Smith wrote:
“You place far to much faith in your supposed “intelligence.”

It’s so fitting that you spelt ‘too’ wrong in that of all sentences.

JAMES SMITH 14/09/12 – 1:09am
You’re still afraid to show proof of where you are. What a pathetic little piss ant you are. If you weren’t terrified of proof you’d look at my page wher I have proof of everything. But you are now brave enough to do that. You know you’d learn the truth and truth would be fatal to your delusions.

When I’m doing my exercises, thinking about how gratifying it will be to feel your nasal bone crunch under my fist as I smash it helps me to get an extra repetition or two doing push ups or sit ups. Thanks for that.

But nothing will compare to the satisfaction I’ll get from seeing your fact when you know it’s all over for you.

Hide, little boy, hide, it won’t help, you’ll just be cowering in fear all of your miserable life.