Proof That Aliens Exist?

This amazing video on crop circles will blow your mind. These things pop up over night and feature geometric patterns so large, symmetric and intricate, that it would take a whole team of humans months to complete. A few companies, such as firefox, have created crop circles for advertising purposes, and even they took a team of people more than overnight to complete (simple logo aswell). Whoever is making these crop circles is also somehow not damaging the crop, and is actually bending it at a certain angle as to promote growth! Apparently phones also get whack signals in crop circles, and there has been electromagnetic readings in their center.

I’m not saying this is proof that aliens exist, but it’s still cool to think about.

What do you think?

65 thoughts on “Proof That Aliens Exist?

    • I don’t know. “Beware the bearers of false gifts & their broken promises” sounds pretty much like our entire political system. LOL


    • now that was uncalled for james i understand the idiocy of believing in somthing without solid facts but as much as id like to beat these people upside the head with a 2×4 they arent hurting anything well the ufo’s and wwe aint religion on the other hand….2 words “the crusades”


    • This is less clever than you pretend it to be. You have disproved and dismissed things in your mind which have not been studied, which is not science; and discounted Ockham’s Razor which DOES require counter claims to be proved in certain circumstances. You are simply practicing the institutionalization of ignorance and pretending that it is skepticism. This is fake skepticism and – really – the focus of the whole exercise you have created here is on YOU….not the subject or science.

      I yawn in your general pseudo-intelligentsia direction…. YAWN…. I have seen things you discount. They are not baseballs and I do not hold them in my hand. But I do know that you are ignorant. That I do hold.


      • If I am “ignorant” then you are a goddamned fool. You can’t even comprehend what has been written.

        I have said only that believing crop circles, which have been proven many times to be hoaxes, are evidence of alien visitations is ridiculous. I have also said that, given the vastness of the universe, it is probable that life elsewhere does exist.

        Given that vastness, it is unlikely others intelligences would ever be aware of our existence. The most obvious sign of us, our radio wave emissions, have only reached less then 200 light years from earth. That’s a paltry sphere in our own galaxy, much less in the universe.

        All you have done is exhibit the vastness of your own ignorance and the emptiness of your skull.


  1. In any such case, the burden of proof should be on those promoting the idea, not those doubting it. “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof” So, provide video of aliens creating the designs, or at least demonstrate that they *absolutely* could not have been made by humans. The latter does not mean statements like ‘it would take months to make them’ etc.: these are opinions, not demonstrated proof.


      • Hey man, I don’t have anything to prove. The title of this post is ‘proof that aliens exist?’ note the question mark. I don’t know, and am just sharing speculations. I don’t have any desire to have an argument with you over the internet. No one can show you aliens at this point in time, but that doesn’t mean no one is allowed to believe in them. You are free to your own beliefs and opinions and so am I. If you want to submit proof that suggests all of this is rubbish then please do, but just calling me out on my beliefs and demanding ‘me’ to defend them is not contributing anything.


  2. Making an argument where you state “x exists, and you can’t prove otherwise!” or “x does not exist, and you ca’t prove otherwise” is an error in thinking. It is actually categorized as shifting the burden of proof. Whether one believes, or not, the burden of proof is on the one making the statement.


    • Exactly. Believing in space aliens is very much like believing in any religion. People believe because they want to believe. Evidence is not essential and even destructive of those beliefs. For the record, “beliefs” and “faith” have the same definition. “Accepting something as true with no supporting evidence and possibly much evidence against it.”


      • I have already provided what I believe to be proof. You lot have provided nothing but childish dribble. You think the burden of proof is on me, and yet you both believe in something that is just as impossible to prove – ‘that aliens DON’T exist’. There is ZERO evidence to prove that. The difference is, I don’t expect you to prove something that I know is impossible to prove. I am not afraid to admit that my belief in ‘aliens’ (a word you have a serious aversion to, so let’s just replace it with ‘life outside of planet earth’) is based on faith. The universe is so large it contains hundreds of thousands of galaxies, so to me it seems more probable that there has to be life on other planets. To think otherwise is just ignorant in my opinion. ( Of course there is no real proof that there is life out there, but that’s simply because it is impossible to look. We can’t even put a man on mars, yet alone send science millions of light years away into the galaxy to find other life – lack of resources is not proof that ‘we’ are the only planet in the entire universe that has life living on it. So until we can prove it, I like to believe that it’s true, because it’s nice to believe in something. A lot nicer than attacking other people’s opinions I can assure you.


      • If you were not such an ignoramus, you would know that a negative is nearly impossible to prove. And yes, the burden of proof is upon those making the claim.

        Your “proof” as you admit is nothing more than your ignorant, uninformed opinion. I know you might get a perverse thrill from exposing your stubborn stupidity to everyone and that’s your personal privilege. But don’t complain when others point out how deeply dumb it is.

        I never said that we are the only planet capable of supporting life or that there is no other life out there. But to think that crop circles, which have repeatedly been proven to be hoaxes to be “evidence” of aliens is not just an opinion, it is a delusion.


      • Whoa now, I was definding you. I was saying that the people who are automatically shouting aliens don’t exist and you can’t prove otherwise were erroneous in their attack. You provided your proof. Its up to them to provide theirs


    • Well you did suggest that you don’t believe in life outside of Earth when you said ‘Believing in space aliens is very much like believing in any religion. People believe because they want to believe.’ I don’t know what to say to you other than we have different beliefs and you should just accept that. I can’t prove anything to you, nor do I have any desire to, and you are just getting on my nerves.


      • I said there is zero evidence for life outside of earth. You don’t understand evidence do you?

        We do not have different beliefs. I have knowledge, you have opinions and beliefs, that is accepting as true that for which there is no evidence.

        I don’t have to accept anything because you said so. That’s how you have beliefs, you accept things on no authority other than wishful thinking and empty rhetoric. It also helps if you have trouble comprehending what is said instead of what you want to believe.

        You could prove anything to me if you had unimpeachable proof. Then I would have to change my position. What would it take for you to change yours?

        If I am “getting on your nerves” perhaps it’s because I am obviously speaking from facts and rational thinking and that disturbs you because you cannot logically discount those.

        The easiest things for you would be to simply stop trying to act as if you had anything to say and went away where you’ll be comfortable with your delusions and not have them challenged.

        Facts and rational thinking are always fatal to any delusion.

        BTW, I notice you don;t even try to respond to things such as “Crop circles have repeatedly been proven to be hoaxes.” Problem? Facts are often like that.


  3. I didn’t respond to the crop circles point you made because it was diverting the conversation from the bigger picture that we were discussing, and that was the implications of the crop circle (life in the universe other than on Earth) rather than the crop circles themselves. I didn’t see the point in regressing the discussion to that point, and I knew that saying anything about crop circles would have just been a waste of time now that I have an indication of your thinking process and view on reality.

    I agree that most crop circles are crap, and I know that saying otherwise to you would just lead me to a big headache. I simply thought this particular crop circle (did you watch the video?) was far too elaborate to be a prank, but I am not doggedly fixed on that as being ‘truth’. I don’t deny that it is false, I never did.

    Let me make this clear, I don’t have any evidence for there being life other than us, other than the logical ‘assumption’ that we cannot be the only things living in a universe that is so large that scientists can’t even begin to comprehend its scale.

    “You could prove anything to me if you had unimpeachable proof. Then I would have to change my position. What would it take for you to change yours?” That is what this is all about, isn’t it? You really want the world to think like you? I’m going to answer you with your own words ‘I don’t have to accept anything because you said so. ‘

    I have given you what you wanted all this time, an admission of not having the facts you require. Now, if you continue to dissect my words then that will stand in my court as ‘proof’ that you are just trying to fire me up to satisfy your own strange and sad agenda. Good day.


    • As always, you ignore the real point. As I have said, there is no evidence for life other than on earth. ALmost daily though, we are discovering that, even in our own solar system, conditions exist that might support some type of life now or did in the past. Given the immensity of the universe, the thinking is that other life is almost inevitable. I agree with that thinking.

      But to presume that crop circles are “evidence” is absurd. Even you allude to that.

      No, I do not care if you agree with my thinking or not. I asked, “what would it take for you to change your position?” I clearly stated what it would take to change mine, so that seemed to be a fair question. Naturally, you evaded answering that, as I was certain that you would.

      I didn’t say anything that you have to accept. “What would it take to change your position?” is a question, not a declarative statement. Try reading what is there and answering direct questions instead of evading them.

      Your continued evasion of direct questions and refusal to comprehend what was actually written is the mark of an intellectual and ethical coward. Neither of which surprised me in your case.

      No, you have not given me anything other than you refuse to recognize simple questions, and will never just admit, you have no idea, but it is pleasant to think that crop circles are the mysterious work of space aliens and not that of sophisticated pranksters, as has been proven many times. Fantasy is more fun than reality, plus it doesn’t require much in the way of thinking, truth, or logic. That’s all good for you, isn’t it?


      • Why are you so fixated on changing my opinion? You have never even met me before. I get the impression that you do this quite a lot, to a number of people, so you must have a valid reason..?


      • You stupid SOB. I have said several times that I am not interested in changing your opinion. I asked, what would it take for you to change your position? It isn’t my fault that you’re far too determinedly dumb to understand the difference.

        You “get the impression?” As I suspected, facts are nothing to you, but “impressions” and “beliefs” are rock solid with you.

        I do have a valid reason. It’s an admitted character flaw. I have never dealt well with ignorance. When it is willful ignorance, such as yours, it is even worse.

        Perhaps you would prefer to obey the biblical imperative to, “Go forth and multiply thyself?”


    • But willful stupidity is not one of them. I leave that to you. You do it so well and I don;t like to compete with professionals on their own ground.

      BTW, do you like sex and travel?


      • What are you talking about? Go waste your time on some other corner of the internet. I hope for your sake there is somewhere on the web where your arrogant, single minded, and super critical self will be appreciated for what it really is – a case study for personality disorders.


      • As I expected, you change the subject and refuse to answer simple questions. What insults? All I have done is state obvious facts. Prove one thing I have posted is not true. Stop avoiding direct questions.

        Do yourself and the entire human race a favor and go away and hide in the shame you have earned.

        Unlike you, I do not hide behind a fake name and no picture. I have far more time that you. Someone as obnoxious and ignorant as you will surely make a fatal mistake before much longer.

        Before you make yourself look any more abysmally stupid, you might want to take a look at my information on Again, unlike you, I have nothing to hide. You’ll see I am exactly who and what I say I am. Keep hiding and showing your intellectual ass. You have nothing else to offer.


    • I don’t have to answer any of your questions, and so far you haven’t asked any that are even slightly worth answering. The only question you have been pressing is ‘how would i change your position?’ If a ‘direct answer’ to that question means so much to you then you really need to reevaluate your life.

      “What insults?” Are you mentally deranged? You called me a SOB, and you called me stupid. If you really think those are true then prove it. You are making the claim so the ‘burden of proof’ is on you. And no, you can’t use my responses to you as ‘proof’ because that would merely be your opinion and would only further prove how much of a hypocrite you are.

      I’m not hiding who I am. My name is Michael Cunningham and I live in Melbourne, Australia. I am 21 years old and I logically have a lot longer to live than you since your drivers license says you are 70. I am surprised you have lived half as long as you actually have considering your juvenile attitude. But I guess that’s probably because in person you’re just a little bitch and have only ever angered people on the internet.


      • I don’t make any sense? Not to you, you prefer fantasies to facts rhetoric to rational thought.

        Your’s fake post by me is exactly the type of cowardly, juvenile, stunt I expected from a jerk like you. Thank you for again proving me correct.

        If you did that to my face, I’d rip your face off, you chickenshit worm. Keep hiding you little punk. You’ll live longer that way.


      • First, I did not ask “How wold I change your position?” I asjed what would it take for you to change your position?” Perhaps the first thing it would take is for you to learn to read.

        Your posts show that you are stupid. an SOB is a person that is deliberately obnoxious. You have demonstrated that very well, too.

        Your responses are not just my opinion. I have caught you several times being unable or unwilling to read what was actually written. That is proof. You can deny it, but it is still a fact.

        Next, my driver’s license does now say I am 70. That’s another case where you show you are unable to read what is actually there, but only see what you want to believe. More proof from your mown words that you are willfully stupid.

        I doubt that you will live to beanywhere near my age. Someone as obstinatey obnoxious as you are will surely say the wrong thing to someone and be beaten to death for it.

        Furthermore, if you observe my lifestyle, you might conclude that I am likely to live far longer than you can imagine. WHen you start doing over 1,00 pushups a week and climbing 25 flights of steps every day as well as the other things I do, maybe you will get enough blood flowing to your brain that you can stop being so painfully ignorant.

        FYI, you asshole, I have faced down far better people that you will ever be. I can take a two-bit punk like you in under five seconds. Any time you want to try, I’ll pay your way here and let you see for yourself. I’ve taken out people less than half my age and done so recently. You might also note that I work with the policia here. They don’t hire punks as trainers, so you could never qualify.

        Put up or STFU, moron.


      • I have sent you an email detailing how to get your free trip to Brazil. SHow up and learn how wrong you have been about me. You’ll have plenty of time to contemplate your errors while in the emergency room.


  4. slrman, you seem like a bitter old prick. perhaps you might one day realize that you will never win an argument by calling someone stupid. mostly because that’s not an argument. your outrageous certainty that you are correct and those that don’t see it your way are unintelligent is so logically dim as to be laughable. enjoy the card. fool.


    • “BItter old prick?” Because I tell the truth? I point out when people are stupid and smug about it. I’m not trying to win anything. I am only stating obvious facts.

      I have never said I am certain I am correct. If you had been able to understand any of my posts, you would have realized I said that I do not know, no one knows,, but presenting crop circles as “proof” is absurd and stupid.

      Like all internet cowards, you love to hide behind your keyboard and toss out insults you would never dare say to anyone’s face. Fuck off, shithead.


      • Sounds like you are the internet coward, seeing as you’re the one spitting out insults like a child. You can add hypocrite to the growing list of things that is wrong with you. Do yourself a favour and write all of these things down and reflect on them. Because judging by your picture you haven’t got as much time as you probably need to evolve as a human being.


      • Sirman: I have heard of this phenomenon before, people who feel insecure about the things they feel are true, who go around the internet insulting others to feel better. I believe, you, Sirman, are a Troll. Now that you have been identified, and categorized by your actions, and according to the actions of those who have gone before you, kindly shove off.


  5. How am I insecure? WHat have I posted that is not true? How have I insulted anyone. If it’s true, it’s not an insult, it’s a simple statement of fact.

    If I am a troll, why has everything I posted been the truth? I call them the way they are.

    Who do you think you are, telling me to “shove off?” Did someone appoint you the internet czar with the authority to tell others if they can speak their mind? Remember, when you assume that right, you also grant it to others. So I can tell you, never post anywhere ever again. IN fact, never sit at a computer again, you’re a disgrace to all thinking people everywhere.


      • I am “stirring things up?” How? By telling the truth? Again, prove one thing I have posted is not true. If that is “stirring things up”then free speech and truth are not welcome here. I can see that clearly, but it will not stop me from telling the truth anyway.


      • I admit it – I’m an old, lonely, and angry man… but I try to make up for this by being tough on the internet. Don’t listen to anything I say because I’m senile, and often poo my pants.


    • Keep hiding behind your fake ID and picture. All you’re doing is proving everything I say about you is correct. You’re a liar, and a coward intellectually, ethically, and physically.


      • Psychologically, the best thing to do when a person is acting irrationally angry is to show them a refection of themselves being angry. So, “As I expected, you change the subject and refuse to answer simple questions. What insults?” “You’re a liar, and a coward intellectually, ethically, and physically.” “Fuck off, shithead” ” If you did that to my face, I’d rip your face off, you chickenshit worm. Keep hiding you little punk. You’ll live longer that way” “Keep hiding and showing your intellectual ass. You have nothing else to offer” “Do yourself and the entire human race a favor and go away and hide in the shame you have earned” “Believing in anything that has absolutely no evidence for it and is ludicrous stories like this is stupid, like you” “IN fact, never sit at a computer again, you’re a disgrace to all thinking people everywhere”

        Okay, there, those are all insults. Now, you use one in particular, ‘stupid’ in such a way that it’s almost like your belief. It has no substantiation since Endofthegame writes about some very fascinating and helpful topics- i’m sure you do too. Lets be real here, stupidity is nil and void anyway, as Einstein said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Insults and hatred towards others opinions is stunting the human races intellectual growth, it has no place in the rational realm of thought. Insults and toughness belong in the military, police and training groups since it’s a great tool to prepare a person for unpleasant physical future scenarios where they have to be strong; here, on the internet, you don’t have a body so you have to write yourself into existence- the only unpleasant scenarios here are the two girls one cup videos, or the occasional troll which I always find amusing. You as a man of thought should see what i mean, fighting like this gets you no answers and sparks no real promising debates, it’s a useless, super inefficient tool of language. Endofthegame did put a question mark on the title and on the end of his last remark- so it’s up for proper debate.

        I don’t think it’s Aliens to be honest, crop circles are bloody strange but you can’t say the magnificent things made by man are from an external force, you have to have some sort of trust in our human abilities. The crop circles with the radiation are pretty whack, (it’s the cause of the electromagnetic interference) I don’t get how they do those, but damn that’s one hell of a hoax…. Even if it were Aliens, why communicate with humans in that way? You can only see the message from a birds eye view, why not just send down a monolith? Or just straight up talk to us… we can be pretty nice people when we’re not killing and insulting each other.


      • @sillyreverie – The only thing I’d like to add to your comment is that there are many types of “insults” and I think some are acceptable and productive, where others are not. For example, when children make fun of other children that profess made up nonsense as truth, this is productive for many reasons. It teaching children to not lie. it teaches them to be more critical in their thinking, it teaches them that they can’t just make up any old crap and expect others to believe it. The list could go on and on. However, I think attacking the person is less productive than the belief. When you attack the person, that person has very few choices than to defend themselves, creating a non-productive dialog. If you expect to actually have a dialog where you convince the other person that they hold an invalid belief (or, indeed, other people who are witnessing the exchange), then attacking the person is actually counter productive, since you make yourself look like as ass and damaging your credibility and people will actually rally to defend the person being attacked. But when you keep a cooler head and *only* attack the idea, you have a much better chance of convincing others that the idea is invalid as well as lending credibility to your side of the argument.

        At least that’s what I’ve seen in my years debating others.


  6. Wow! Talk about hostility. Why are people so up in arms about other people accepting the possibility that there *might* be life outside this planet? There are probably trillions of planets in this galaxy alone. Say only 1% are capable of producing life (“goldilocks zone, contains water, etc.), and only 1% of those actually produced intelligent life. We’re still talking millions of planets. Combine that with the incredible fortitude of life itself, and logically the (admittedly “circumstantial”) evidence that life exists outside of our own little blue and green ball is seriously overwhelming. Comparing that to the possible existence of some divine being with contrary attributes is so fallacious it’s not even funny. You don’t want to believe that alien life exists until someone actually finds it? Fine, no problem, more power to you. But how is it that you feel so self-righteous that you feel justified in freely throwing insults and demeaning people who simply accept the possibility? Isn’t that a little more like the religiots that we so despise than just simply asking the question, as the OP does?

    And why base your religious-like fevered belief that aliens can’t possibly exist based on the opinion that crop circles can’t possibly be made by them. Isn’t this a completely different subject?

    Here is what I see regarding this subject: Yes, people have admitted to creating crop circles. Yes, it’s absolutely possible that every single crop circle is a prank. Yes, the people’s judgements are clouded by their desire (both want it to be true and wanting it to NOT be true). But seriously, is this something that is worth arguing, name calling, bullying and pissing on each other about?

    Here is why I fight against PDR (Public Display of Religion), and it’s a pretty simple one: these people are trying their best to shove their delusional superstition down our throats. Do I give half a rats ass what crazy fairy tale you want to commit yourself to slavery to? Not one little bit. If you want to waste 1/7th of your time playing dress up and acting pious and want to believe that you are better than everyone else because you support pedophiles, that’s your business. The instant that you think you have the right to force your “10 commandment” bullshit on anyone who walks into a court house, that is the line. The second that you think you can force my child to be taught that your moronic fairy tales are just as “scientifically legitimate” as 150 years of biology, chemistry, palaeontology, and physics, that is where we will have a problem. In other words, as long as you don’t force your crazy-assed delusional superstition onto others, I don’t care what stupidity you want to believe.

    Which brings us to crop circles. Are there people who want to teach this in schools as valid science? Are there people who want to put plaques with the images from crop circles up in my court house and other government buildings? Are there people who are trying to pass laws that, if you don’t believe in crop circles (or even the existence of aliens, for that matter), you shouldn’t be allowed to hold an elected office? If not, who the fuck cares? Again, why are you wasting your time arguing and insulting people just because they accept the possibility that an alien race *might* be trying to communicate with us?

    James, dude, I’m right there with you on the skeptical level of this stuff. And I totally respect your fight against the oppression of religion on the rest of us. But I really don’t see the OP trying to do anything but ask questions here. Is there no room for civilized debate? It seems like you are attacking this guy with more fever than I think I’ve ever seen you attack the religiots that we debate. And I don’t think I’ve even ever seen you as passionate about believing in superstitious fairy tales as you are in this thread. Is this some sort of specially sticky subject that is driving you crazy for some reason? I just don’t see a reason for this fight…


    • BTW, I just re-read that first part and it came off much more insulting that I intended. My back must have been hurting when I start this comment this morning. I’ve been dealing with quite a bit of pain (and the meds to control it – lol) over the last week or so, so please forgive me. I really didn’t mean it to come off that strong. But I think my basic point is still valid.

      James – still friends? :-)


      • It’s actually astonishing that life exists in the first place, but you know what they say, time is the real miracle worker- aliens probably exist but the question is do they enjoy using our crops for their art projects? haha. There is never a good time to be bullying or name calling, it’s a fools game. Hey i quit smoking cigarettes, I should be crankier than all you gentlemen/women, but still *mediative breathing* i’m still calm as a cucumber. lol.


      • Good for you! Congratulations on quitting smoking. Yes, I have to remember my meditation. I’ve been very bad about doing it and the stress of my job is catching up to me, so I need to stop blowing it off. One of my lower disks herniated a while back and I just had a relapse a little over a week ago, so I’ve been taking Vicodin and using my neck traction and inversion table. But I definitely need to get back to my meditation. :-)


      • Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t get one. Don’t like cigarettes? Don’t smoke them. Don’t like abortions? Don’t have one. Don’t like sex? Don’t have it. Don’t like porn?Don’t watch it. Don’t like drugs? Don’t do them. Don’t like alcohol? Don’t drink it. Don’t like guns? Don’t buy them. Don’t like your rights taken away??? Don’t take away someone else’s.


      • No problem, Keith. What happened with your back? If it has to do with a weird sex position, I’d rather not know. Sometimes ignorance CAN be bliss. LOL

        I somehow have hurt my left shoulder but I think it was from straining too hard doing push-ups. I’ve been doing super sets in an attempt to get past the 50 repetitions barrier. So I took a few days off and it’s better, a bit stiff, but better.

        Thanks for your posts, they are always a pleasure to read.


      • Herniated a disk a few years ago and it acts up sometimes. I’ve had a REALLY stressful couple of weeks at work, and haven’t been taking the time to walk every day, so I think it was just me being hunched over a keyboard for 60 -70 hours a week that caused it to start screaming at me. It’ll be fine after a week of traction and inversion table use. Hey, at least it’s never been bad enough to require surgery. Yet.


      • I had a similar problem in 2005. I had a disk that was bulging out and pressing in the sciatic nerve. I had constant pain for months and three trips to the ER. It turns out the pain medication was also giving esophageal ulcers. Like the sciatica wasn’t enough?

        Fortunately, I went to a neurosurgeon here that was, at the time, the only one in the area trained in a new procedure called Nucleoplasty. Instead of the usual slice and dice surgery this was more like the “keyhole” surgery they use on knees, now. I involved inserting a needle into the spine, liquifying the disk material with RF energy, then sucking out enough to relieve the pressure. In a few hours, the material solidified again and I was able to go home that same evening. Never a twinge since then. The procedure was invented here in Brazil along with a medical center inn the UK. I understand it is widely available now. Whether it will be appropriate for your condition I wouldn’t know. But you can check on it.


    • I never said that thinking there could be life other than on Earth was wrong. In fact, I said the opposite. It would be amazingly arrogant to believe that, in the vastness of the universe, the only life that could exist is on the Earth. I also said that, nearly every day, we are discovering that life-enabling conditions might exist within our own solar system.

      What I did say was that promoting the idea that crop circles are evidence of alien visitations is absurd. Then defending that idea is indicative of stubborn stupidity. Also, I admitted that I have always had a problem accepting and dealing with willful ignorance. Sure, mea culpa, mea culpa. But I admit it and don’t try to hide it or anything about who, what, and where I am. I have also, as I know you are aware, frequently challenged others to prove that anything I have posted is not true. Not that I have never been wrong. But very rarely does anyone even try. That says a lot to me. Often, I find my own mistakes by coming upon better or more recent evidence.

      As I have also frequently said, if presented with undeniable evidence, I will change my position. As on here, I am sometimes accused of demanding others change their position because I ask them what it will take to change their thinking.

      Yes, willful ignorance does irritate me and I do enjoy pointing it out when I see it. Call it a hobby or apart of the fight for truth and rational thinking that we all should be doing every day. For me, accepting blatant irrational statements is tantamount to agreeing with them. Not to condemn is to condone. That includes ignoring thinly-veiled threats and blustering attempts to intimidate. I have never done well with those either ,and have the scars to prove it. (grins ruefully)

      What so many want to see as insults or attacks are nothing more than my stating the truth as revealed in their own posts. People do not seem to like the truth nor the people that tell it.

      A good example is the baseball steroids scandal. The only person that told the truth in that was Jose Canseco. True, at times he could be kind of a jerk and was not the most popular athlete, but he was telling the truth in this. For that, he was reviled, hated, and told to STFU. I sympathize with him over that. I know the feeling.


    • Ouuch! I’m sorry to hear about your back, i hope it heals up quickly! Okay, i would say thats worse than the nicotine cravings haha. It’s very hard to keep at the meditation, the mind is one tough cookie to tame lol.


    • LOL I almost thought you were actually echoing back to me a post that I had put out there several months ago. I’m pretty sure it’s just about word for word, except that I didn’t have the cigarettes part (not saying I disagree, just didn’t think I had that in mine). Other than that, it’s almost exactly what I’ve posted on other posts. LOL


      • My cousin posted this a couple of months ago as a status update, decided to go ahead and use it, perhaps he got it from you? Haha, It’s a great quote for making a point about the uselessness of forcing personal views/taste on people, can be applied to so many things. It’s also flexible, all you have to do is alter some words here and there to make a new point… “Don’t like milk? Don’t drink some. Don’t like chocolate? Don’t eat them. Don’t like waffles? Don’t have one. Don’t like juice? Don’t have it. Don’t like stir fry? Don’t cook it. Don’t like bread? Don’t buy them. Don’t like bacon??? Everybody loves bacon.” lol


    • No matter, it was still an example of good thinking and is great advice for anyone, anywhere, at any time. I like it so much, I may steal it. (at least I’m an honest thief) LMAO!


  7. Aliens must be morons. Imagine crossing untold light-years of interstellar space, discovering an inhabited planet, and rather than stepping up to say hello, or anything else even halfway interesting, blowing off a few hours drawing doodles on an empty field and then heading for home. How utterly stupid and boring.


    • Yep, that is definitely one of the most valid arguments against alien-created crop circles. Although, based on the OP, there’s nothing that indicates that the aliens actually came here to create them. It actually appears as though they were created from a distance and somehow “beamed” to earth. Keep in mind I’m not saying I actually *believe* that, but that there might be alternative explanations. If we want to look at something scientifically, we don’t just grab the first scenario that pops into our head and, if that doesn’t work out, throw up our hands and say “well the whole thing must be bunk”. If we want to look at something scientifically, we must examine all aspects and alternatives before coming to a “carved in stone” conclusion. Just sayin….


      • I say why not? Drawing pictures is probably more fun then trying to teach a barbaric race of egotists the intricacies of the universe, we’d just use that know-how for war anyway, we’d enslave the cosmos, muhaha. And psh, they don’t have to travel light years you silly man, they just bend space and time then zingbangpoof they appear here… don’t you know anything about aliens? lol.


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