McBain the Movie


In the Simpsons a hilarious running gag was McBain and his macho action man appearance and poorly worded one liners; a clear parody of Arnold Schwarzenegger and all his movies. In true early Simpsons spirit the character was never overplayed and was given just the right amount of screen time, which was on the Simpsons TV at the start of a few episodes; if you put all these short segments together you get McBain: the Movie! This is one of the best things I’ve ever seen, can’t wait for the sequel: ‘You Have the Right to Remain Dead’


New Simpsons Sucks!

Sorry for the bad quality, it’s the only clip I could find on Youtube that wasn’t in Spanish, but then again at least the picture quality matches the content; at 2:45 a dog can even be heard weeping for the Simpsons… and again at 3:17, poor dog. Whenever a new episode is on TV I can’t help but cringe at it, a lot of the time I will actually watch it till the ads just because it is so hard to stop watching your favourite show being ravaged. I literally grew up with the Simpsons, and it was something I looked forward to watching every night at 6pm. It shaped and nurtured my sense of humour, family values and my love of film. But now The Simpsons is in the same category as that friend of yours who used to be quite fit, but is now really fat; what happened to him? Why doesn’t he lose that weight? Doesn’t he know he’s fat? Why isn’t the Simpsons funny anymore? Who’s behind this!? The Simpsons used to be deviously clever, it never tried too hard to make jokes, and a lot of the jokes blew right past me as a kid, but made me fall over as an adult. For example, compare the above clip from the new Simpsons with this clip from the old Simpsons: Continue reading