The Mythology of Star Wars

In 1987 a groundbreaking conversation took place between scholar Joseph Campbell and journalist Bill Moyers on the topic of mythology, this conversation was recorded at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch and was turned into a famous 5 part series called ‘The Power of Myth’. In this series, Joseph Campbell delved deep into the world of mythology, and even discussed the archetypal figures that Lucas had used in the Star Wars films. Joseph Campbell left this earth shortly after in 1988, but Bill Moyers returned to the Skywalker ranch in 2000 to further discuss with George Lucas, the mythological grounding which his movies were based on. The result is another fascinating 5 part conversation series on mythology, watch this if you are a fan of Joseph Campbell or Star Wars, or film analysis in general, and you will surely find something of worth!
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Tokyo Rising

I saw this great documentary that I found on the iso50 blog the other day, it’s about the nuclear fallout that occurred in Tokyo, and how the city is coping with the tragedy. It is split into 5 parts, each part only 5 or 6 minutes. It’s definitely worth watching as it has great visuals, music and an interesting and positive outlook on the future of Tokyo. You can check out the whole documentary here.

“It’s like anything, if you fall right into the bottom, the only thing you can do, the only thing that’s going to happen, is just climbing up. We are going to see a new Tokyo reborn. Because Japanese people are really, really resilient. We can do it, and I’m so glad that I am here in this age, in this period. Living here right now.”

You go Japan!