Sri Yantra Mandala

Drawing of Sri Yantra Mandala

This was the most difficult mandala for me to draw, as it wasn’t spontaneous, but rather very geometric and precise. To get a sri yantra right is quite a difficult process, and I abused the hell out of a lot of erasers in the process! If you want to try drawing one yourself, or are just curious as to how tech the process is! Check out this site.

After I finally finished drawing this beast I was too afraid to colour it in! I drew the actual sri yantra on a different type of paper and pasted it in my glossy paged mandala journal, it gives it a nice effect in my opinion, and helps the geometric design to stand out in all it’s complicated yet beautiful glory! The yellow petals were done in watercolour, and the rest is coloured in pencil. This mandala is still incomplete.

P.S I’ve decided to wing it, pictures below..

Sri Yantra
sri yantra Mandala






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