Escape From New York [1981]

I just witnessed, quite possibly, the most bad ass film that exists on this planet. It was called ‘Escape from New York‘, and it managed to infiltrate my top ten movie list, elbow one of the movies right in the face, smoke a cigarette, save the president, and return to being straight up cool. The story is simple and yet brilliant: Crime in the US has risen by 400%, authorities have pretty much given up on Manhattan and have walled its entire perimeter and turned it into a prison, however; its prisoners are totally free to do whatever it is that they do. Out of sight, out of mind is the principle value factored into this zany equation. But when the president’s ship, en route to an important meeting, crash lands in the middle of Manhattan’s mayhem filled streets, it’s time for the big dogs outside to pull some strings to get him back. Meet Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), an ex special forces war hero turned criminal, called into action by USPF Commisioner Bob Hauk (Lee Van Cleef – The Good, the Bad & the Ugly). A deal is made: Snake must infiltrate Manhattan, find the president, and then escort him past the walls, back into safety. The catch: Snake only has 24, no wait… 22 hours to do it!

Escape From New York

With Escape From New York John Carpenter very successfully allows the viewer short glimpses at a very disturbing slice of dystopia: a society shut off from the rest of the world, fueled by crime and violence, and of course, synthetic blade runner esque sounds. The soundtrack in this film is amazing, and it really helps set up the tone and suspense of the desolate landscape the film is set in. The best thing about this movie is how it watches like a video game, from the first 5 minutes you are literally glued to the screen, playing it in your mind as though it were a first person shooter. It has it all: the bad ass anti-hero with a hinted at back story, the cop briefing you on your mission (metal gear solid style), gadgets, silenced weapons, stealth, a couple of sluts, lots of enemies and a sci-fi soundtrack. It’s a perfect blend of Fallout, Perfect Dark
and Metal Gear Solid, and it’s very, very entertaining. I won’t ruin the movie for you, you will just have to watch it for yourself, but I will leave you with an excerpt from Hideo Kojami, the creator of the Metal Gear Solid series, and his opinion on this fantastic film and how it influenced his games: Continue reading

Heavy Metal [1981]

Heavy Metal
Heavy Metal, a classic Canadian animation film made in 1981 based off their magazine by the same name. The creators of South Park did an episode called ‘Major Boobage’ which was a sort of homage to the original Heavy Metal. They nailed the animation perfectly as you can see in the video below.

If it wasn’t for this episode of South Park I’m sure only a few ‘underground’ people would have ever heard of Heavy Metal. Basically it is an animated movie compiled of different animation shorts written and drawn by different people. This gives each short a distinct style and storyline which makes the movie as a whole, hard to stop watching. The premise of the movie is simple: a green orb who talks with an evil voice over forces some poor girl to listen to his tales of greatness, from across all time spans. Each short therefore has only one thing in common, they all somehow tie the green orb into it. I have uploaded a few scenes which are definitely worth watching:

This is the intro scene and it is called ‘Soft Landing’, it was written by Dan O’Bannon (the writer of Alien and Total Recall!) and contains the iconic white corvette flying in space animation, the song playing is called Radar Rider by a band called Riggs…

This is probably my favourite segment in the entire film. It’s a film noir style animation short set in a dystopian New York City in 2031. It follows a taxi driver named Harry Canyon around as he struggles with the day to day happenings in this futuristic society, he eventually finds himself taking care of an attractive woman and well.. you’ll have to watch it for yourself!

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