Psychedelic Mushrooms and You, Part Two

2. Choosing a Psychedelic That’s Right For You


Fortunately you have a few choices here, all of which have their own unique characteristics which may better suit your personality and expectations. The most commonly used psychedelic substances are:

  • LSD
  • Psilocybin (Magic Mushrooms)
  • Mescaline (Cactus – Peyote, San Pedro, or Peruvian Torch)
  • DMT (Ayahuasca vine or extract)
  • Marijuana
  • MDMA (Ecstacy)
  • Research Chemicals (2CB, 2CE etc)

This guide will be focusing on magic mushrooms as they are, at least for me, easier to acquire, and therefore form the bulk of my experience; however, most of what applies to magic mushrooms also spills over to other psychedelic chemicals and plants. Marijuana is the most popular of these, and yes it is considered to be a psychedelic. If you have never had a psychedelic experience on marijuana then you either haven’t smoked enough or haven’t smoked a quality strain, but with that said it is generally of a lower intensity than the other hard psychedelics on the list. LSD is the most popular of these stronger psychedelics, and is a liquid usually taken orally through paper blotters, sugar cubes etc and in doses of 100-500ug (micrograms), it can also be absorbed through the skin. Effects typically last 8-12 hours. Psilocybin is most often consumed from fresh or dried mushrooms but it is also possible to come across a liquid extract. The amount of psilocybin necessary depends on the species as different species naturally contain different amounts of psilocybin – 20-30mg of this compound is usually taken and effects typically last 4-6 hours.

Mescaline is either taken orally from an extract, or straight from either a Peyote, San Pedro, or Peruvian Torch cactus – 300 – 500mg is sufficient; effects typically last 8-12 hours. DMT is either consumed orally along with an MAOI, in an Amazonian Ayahuasca brew (consumed in a ritualistic ceremony conducted by a Shaman), or it is smoked or injected. 15-60mg is the typical dose range. 50-60mg of DMT injected intramuscularly produces an experience approximately equivalent to 500ug of LSD but with a 30 minute duration. Smoking and injecting DMT provide much shorter trips (10-30 minutes), while eating it can produce a longer trip (3+ hours).

Now onto the magic mushrooms.

magic mushrooms

Dosage – 1.0 – 3.5 grams dried, 10 – 30 grams fresh. Please refer to the Dosage Calculator to decide on an adequate dosage for the plateau you want to reach. These numbers are only an estimation as there is no way of knowing how much you will need to reach a certain level. This is because not only do mushrooms vary in potency, individuals also vary both physically and mentally, and each experience is different depending on the set and setting. 3.5 grams is by no means the max threshold, it is possible to eat as much as 10 or more grams dried. But these are ‘heroic’ doses that are not for the uninitiated. Note that re dosing with magic mushrooms doesn’t have the same effect as with most drugs, such as ecstacy – taking a second dose after the first one has already kicked in will typically not ‘double up’ the effects, but only increase the length of the first dose.

Length of Trip – About 5-6 hours (half the length of a typical LSD trip) – not too short, not too long… juust right! :)

Compatible Drugs – Marijuana is the best drug to mix with psychedelic mushrooms as they complement each other very nicely. A little bit can be smoked beforehand to ease any nerves you might have, and also to smooth the transition. Smoking at the peak of a trip will intensify it, but won’t taint the experience at all. Smoking at the end of a trip might bring on a second peak, but a shorter and less intense one. If one is terrified of ‘freaking out’ it is useful to have some tranquillisers such as alprazolam (xanax) or diazepam (valium) handy in case of an emergency. Often the knowledge that it is available if needed is sufficient to ease any anxiety about having a bad trip. If someone in your party falls into this category you may tell them you have tranquillisers on hand if necessary even if you don’t have any. A placebo drug, like a sugar pill or a panadol, will have a similar effect on such a person during a psychedelic crisis as they will convince themselves that they have taken something to calm themselves down and their thoughts (the culprit of the bad trip) will follow suit.

MDMA is another good option, mixing the two together is known as hippie flipping, and will colour the mushroom trip with more intense body sensations and feelings of euphoria. In my opinion magic mushrooms are pretty euphoric on their own. This might be because both MDMA and psilocybin produce serotonin (neurotransmitters in the brain that are responsible for happiness – depression is a result of a lack of serotonin for example), though they produce it in different ways. MDMA floods the brain with extra serotonin, while psilocybin binds to serotonin receptors and mimics them. MDMA lasts about 4 hours and takes 30 minutes to kick in, so take the MDMA about an hour after ingesting the mushrooms. Also make sure you get pure MDMA powder, or at least quality ecstasy pills (look them up on pillreports. Taking ecstasy that hasn’t been tested for quality beforehand, either by yourself or others, is usually a bad idea as they can sometimes be cut with too much Speed, Ketamine or the nasty Piperazine, substances which will colour your trip the wrong colours. Most people prefer to mix MDMA with acid, which is called candy flipping. Another possible combination is known as a jedi flip, which is MDMA + Mushrooms + LSD, but that’s just getting to be a little ridiculous. Two other drugs commonly mixed are Ketamine and Nitrous Oxide. Ketamine, being a strong dissociative drug (dissimilar to psychedelics, other dissociatives are PCP, DXM and Datura), can force your trip into an internal mind fuck if you take enough, while lower doses might slow things down a bit, as though the air is slightly liquid. Nitrous will blow your head up like a balloon and greatly intensify the trip, but it is very short lasted. My advice: just stick to the mushrooms if it’s your first time and maybe a little bit of pot if it’s your second. You have your whole life to experiment.


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31 thoughts on “Psychedelic Mushrooms and You, Part Two

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  2. I have just read both of your posts and i can positively say that this is by far the best guide for correct information i have been searching for! i would love for you to please get in contact with me through my email address please. Thank you for a great read!


  3. I think we’re brothers from other mothers. I was up in Macedon today wink wink, using your site as a guide for ” Yknow”… ( not sure if I’m successful or not. Need to study the guide more)

    Anyway. We’ve got sensational amount in common. Baba Ram Dass, RAW, Led Zeppelin and much more I’m sure. Just spreading the appreciation mate.

    Hit my primitive blog up if you feel!


    • Haha nice one! Ram Dass, RAW and Led Zeppelin: now that’s a holy trinity I’ll happily bow down to! I gave your blog a follow, looking forward to reading your stuff. Good luck with the hunt! Peace :)


  4. “50-60mg of DMT injected intramuscularly produces an experience approximately equivalent to 500mg of LSD but with a 30 minute duration.”

    I think you mean, 500mcg (ug) MICROGRAMS, not MILLIGRAMS.


  5. Just finished reading part 2,great job in the detail can see lots of experience best guide Iread so far.i need to know places in geelong if you can tell me,only been picking in melb don’t know where to start in geelong?


  6. Hey mate love what this website has to offer i am in the process of trying to pick right ones maybe you could help me out or put me in the right direction :) im not sure how too post some pics


  7. Hey I love both your posts on mushrooms!! It’s the perfect thing to read going into my first proper experience, especially since you’re not so serious about it like other things I’ve read. Well not less serious just more human, more like how real life is rather then super spiritual mystical. Not that I don’t get behind that, but your words and attitude are refreshing that’s all. Thank you for sharing with the world xx


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