You Need a Slap in the Facebook

Social Consciousness

Some people need to stop posting on Facebook every second thought that happens to knock on their head. No one wants to read it, and I’m suprised people actually want to write it. No, I don’t give a shit what you ate for breakfast, I don’t mind if you inform Facebook every now and then, but every single day? You had cereal for breakfast, or you had an ice cream after dinner, who the fuck cares!? Do you have any idea how many people are reading this? You have over 400 friends, yet you only keep in touch with maybe 5 of them, so why don’t you just delete all your friends but those 5 so we don’t all have to read your shit. Another thing, posting up some poorly written block of words, about cancer or something, then reposting it and encouraging others to do so, is not making any difference, it’s not ‘raising awareness’, we already know that cancer sucks and it kills people. And joining Facebook groups is not the same as donating money to charity, you can’t just click ‘like’ or ‘join group’ and say to yourself ‘ah, well I feel I’ve made a difference today, now to tell everyone what I just did, followed by what I’m going to eat afterwards, and then rant about how my favourite TV show is so awesome, and how I can’t wait to watch it tonight’.



3 thoughts on “You Need a Slap in the Facebook

  1. Haha. Those who write nonsense on a daily basis are removed from my homepage. It irritates me the most when they write something along the lines of what they’re eating, where they’re going, and the items they purchased while shopping … and that’s why I don’t follow them on Twitter. The more I think about it, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Facebook and people shouldn’t hate it. They should hate the people who make Facebook seem annoying.


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