3 thoughts on “Funny Anti Pot Ads

  1. How different is it from alcohol or tobacco? I’ve never smoked pot, or any other illegal drug – and people have never used it around me – so I have no personal concept of it. I smoked cigarettes for years, and finally was able to break that horrible addiction, thank goodness. Drank enough alcohol when I was a young adult to know I hated the way it screwed with my brain. So, I ask again, how is pot different? I’ve heard people on the internet say it helps with certain disease-induced pain. I want to believe anything should be legal that abates that medical problem. I also hate pain! If I have to have an addiction – I want it to be on life itself. That’s the only dependency I need to stay on this earth as long as I can.


  2. You should really try it, it’s one of those things you have to try at least once! Don’t worry it’s not addictive at all, I used to smoke for years and I have managed to quit quite easily. I don’t smoke pot at all anymore. Cigarettes on the other hand.. you must have pretty strong will power to manage to quit those! As for your question, it’s hard to accurately describe the experience, I’m afraid my words won’t do it justice, but it’s nothing like alcohol. It effects you pretty much instantly, and you can control how high you want to get by how many drags you take… it makes you feel like a kid again, everything is funny and food tastes amazing, music sounds incredible, conversations become deeper, everything is more enjoyable really. Of all the drugs I’ve tried, it’s definitely the best. Don’t be scared to try it, you should welcome new experiences, and it won’t destroy your brain. If you end up trying it let me know what you think!


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