Cream – Live at the Sports Arena, San Diego [Oct, 1968]

This is one of my favourite Cream bootlegs, it shows Cream at their finest during their Farewell Tour. The above clip demonstrates that Clapton managed to actually pull off a version of Crossroads that can almost stand against the legendary Winterland recording, to do it Clapton ditched the Firebird for the Gibson Les Paul… good choice! Another absolute torrent of awesomeness can be heard in the version of Spoonful, which I am actually listening to right now… oh man! I didn’t even mention Sunshine of Your Love, I’m getting chills just thinking about that TONE. Just download the damn album already!


  1. White Room [6:38]
  2. Crossroads [4:29]
  3. Sunshine of Your Love [6:40]
  4. Traintime [9:47]
  5. Toad [14:16]
  6. Spoonful [15:09]


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