New Simpsons Sucks!

Sorry for the bad quality, it’s the only clip I could find on Youtube that wasn’t in Spanish, but then again at least the picture quality matches the content; at 2:45 a dog can even be heard weeping for the Simpsons… and again at 3:17, poor dog. Whenever a new episode is on TV I can’t help but cringe at it, a lot of the time I will actually watch it till the ads just because it is so hard to stop watching your favourite show being ravaged. I literally grew up with the Simpsons, and it was something I looked forward to watching every night at 6pm. It shaped and nurtured my sense of humour, family values and my love of film. But now The Simpsons is in the same category as that friend of yours who used to be quite fit, but is now really fat; what happened to him? Why doesn’t he lose that weight? Doesn’t he know he’s fat? Why isn’t the Simpsons funny anymore? Who’s behind this!? The Simpsons used to be deviously clever, it never tried too hard to make jokes, and a lot of the jokes blew right past me as a kid, but made me fall over as an adult. For example, compare the above clip from the new Simpsons with this clip from the old Simpsons:

Both clips relate to ice cream, yet one is funny and one is not. The old Simpsons clip accomplished in 20 seconds what the new Simpsons clip couldn’t do in 5 minutes: make me laugh. The original Simpsons were smart with their humour, while the new episodes simply try too hard and don’t deliver. It’s almost as if they’re trying to copy Family Guy… have the writers forgotten who copied who in the first place? If you’ve recently seen a cringe-worthy episode of the Simpsons and want to forget it ever happened, head over to this page of my blog to relive a whole assortment of classic Simpsons clips!

11 thoughts on “New Simpsons Sucks!

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  2. Evidently, the original writers retired! Humor does change over time. The older shows have become classics that just keep getting better with age – like good paintings! With one exception though (I figure you’re too young to remember) – Felix the Cat cartoons. It was awful sixty years ago, and totally intolerable now! Thanks for the memories!


  3. I thought I was the only one. I loved the Simpsons but the new episodes are lame.

    Homer is heartless now, in the first season he was a good father.


    • You’re definitely not the only one, I agree completely about Homer; not only him, the whole family was very real and could be easily related to. Now it’s almost as if they’re monty python actors, except without the humour – they’ve lost their human quality.


  4. The old Simpsons used to be all about humor for humor sake, and it was freakin’ hilarious; now every episode has to make some grand statement while throwing in what passes today as comedy. There’s no more humor. The comedy is dead. They need to either fire all their writers and hire better ones (writers who actually KNOW comedy), or just cancel the show already.

    Hell, there’s more comedy and enjoyability in kid shows on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network than in what was once a ground breaking animated sitcom legend known as The Simpsons. WTF happened!?


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