The Feminist Movement Was a Secret Illuminati Plot?

This interesting video sheds light on a new and zany conspiracy theory: Feminism (we all love feminism!) was created and supported by the FBI to break up the nuclear family and to enable them to tax more than half the population. By giving women rights they are able to pursue jobs and integrate themselves into the workplace, therefore keeping them out of home as the ‘house wife’. Now, with the nuclear family broken down children spend less time with their mums and more time at schools, therefore allowing children to be ‘programmed’ at a young age by society, rather than their mums. Believe it or not? Believe it. Haha.. feminism.


3 thoughts on “The Feminist Movement Was a Secret Illuminati Plot?

  1. Hi Endofthegame,
    Thanks, on a related note, I am on the planning stage on my novel, but the problem is that I keep on adding changes to the plot in my head faster than I can record the changes on paper. I know that coming up with better ideas is good, but I’m not completely sure if my plot changes are better, and at this rate, I’ll never be able to write the novel without making a big plot change in the middle of writing. How do I keep my plot solid?
    Keep up the good work


    • Hey Bettie, thanks for the comment. Can you tell me more about your novel and it’s plot changes? I might be able to give you more advice if I had a better idea of where your story is at. It’s completely natural to change the plot in your head faster than you can write it down, the only remedy for this I’ve found is to write a skeleton of your plot down before you even begin writing.

      You should have a solid understanding of your novel’s beginning, middle and end and then anything that happens to link these three together can change as you write; writing is an expression of your own personality, so it is easily capable of changing depending on your mood or where you currently are in life.

      Have a vision of where you want your story to go, and how you want your characters to develop, and try to stick with it, but feel free to experiment as you go!


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