Jim Morrison Interview 1969

This short clip from a larger 10 minute interview has Jim Morrison of The Doors puffing away at a fat cigar like the bad ass that he is. In the interview he discusses his role as the driving force of his band, and he also discusses the role of the Shaman in tribes and in their music. Finally Jim Morrison makes an impressive prediction on the direction music is heading in, he believed that American music has two roots: Blues and Country, and the two fused to create Rock and Roll as we know it. Jim says that the future of Rock music would be a fusion of both Blues, Country and something else entirely, that is electronically made music. He quite accurately visioned a future of music which involved a relationship between man and machine, quite right Jim!

The whole interview can be seen below, it contains the same 3 minutes from the clip above but also fleshes out Jim Morrison’s use of poetry, with Ray Manzarek (keyboard) giving a very interesting take on Jim Morrison’s role in the band, and their role as musicians to improvise musically as a whole.

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